The United States women’s gymnastics team just won five medals, including four golds, which made them one of the most successful women’s gymnastics teams in the history of the Olympics.

So, what’s next for these incredible athletes? Well, some time off on the beach, of course. The women’s team dominated the Rio Olympics and as a reward they decided to treat themselves with some well-deserved rest and relaxation on one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches. Aly Raisman, Madison Kocian and one the best female gymnasts the world has ever seen, Simone Biles, hit the beaches in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

Biles posted a photo of the three Olympians having fun on the beach via her Instagram page on Saturday. The photo of the three athletes showing off their fit bods gained some traction these couple of days with many still congratulating them on their recent success. “Rio beach day,” the 19-year-old captioned the photo. They even posted a Boomerang video, showing off some moves before taking to the water.


Aly Raisman got in on the fun as well. The 22-year-old posted a photo of her mom wearing a turquoise bathing suit with a leopard print cover-up, jokingly captioned “She’s relaxed now.” The crew could finally hit the beach now that the Olympics are over and the dust has settled, and they weren’t alone. There were plenty of athletes who took to the beach for a fun day at the beach, including British gymnast Bryan Bevan, who gave Simone a piggyback ride.

She posted a photo of the pair on her Snapchat, captioned “Everybody be pool day.” The fun wasn’t over, of course, as the following day they returned again. Biles posted another photo captioned, “Barra da Tijuca,” which is a tribute to a neighbourhood in Brazil. She also shared a photo with the five medals she won at the Olympics. Biles was even selected as Team USA’s flag bearer for the closing ceremony, which made her the first female gymnast ever to serve as a flag bearer.

It was an honor bestowed on her, worthy of her accomplishments in this year’s Olympics. Taking home the Olympic gold wasn’t the only thing the United States women’s gymnastics team did; they also made plenty of great memories, like the time Biles got to meet her crush, Zac Efron. The actor surprised her after her performance, which caused the famous gymnast to have her very own fangirl moment.