Britney Spears is not a name you hear very often.

She might have dominated during the early 2000s, but after the initial success with Baby One More Time, Oops! I Did It Again, Britney and In The Zone, the pop star completely self-destructed. The well-documented public meltdown was followed by a questionable performance of “Gimme More” at the 2007 MTV VMAs, where she was so dazed she forgot to lip sync, prompting mainstream media to equate her to a dancing mannequin – a prop that was passed about by the backup dancers.

It’s safe to say that it wasn’t definitely not a high point in her career. And while her performance at the Video Music Awards might have been a tough pill to swallow, it pales in comparison to the custody battle with her husband, Kevin Federline. The court decided to award custody of their two children to Federline, which was brought on by months of erratic behaviour by the singer.

Spears was even placed under legal guardianship of her dad, which is quite extraordinary for a multi-millionaire superstar. It was an unravelling like no other, and for a while, it looked like it will spell the end of what would have otherwise been a very fruitful career. Spears has yet to return to form, but in a musical age defined by Adele and Beyonce, we’re wondering if it’s even possible for someone like her to stay relevant at all.



Spears’ 9th album might finally answer that question. The album, appropriately titled Glory, sees Spears return to her confident best and the leaked tracks seem to further reinforce this notion. She’s still one of the most recognized pop stars on the planet and a successful release might indicate that she’s ready to get back out there.

She’s been lurking in the background these last few years, waiting to pounce at the right opportunity and now, finally, it seems like everything’s coming together perfectly. Her 2013 album, Britney Jean, was supposed to be her most personal one, but it was nothing more than a regurgitation of some of her previous works. It was slammed by critics and audiences alike, all while being a commercial success.

Spears has built a career on a series of possible comebacks that were never fully realised, but this might just be the time where she finally orchestrates that true return to form she’s been working towards all these years. And it’s not like the world is against her; everyone is rooting for her long awaited return. She was knocked so far off the podium; everyone just desperately wants her back to her best. She has yet to find convincing success, and it’s not for lack of trying.

Spears has released several albums with various degrees of success, but there was something missing. They weren’t the Britney we knew and have come to love. Now, though, it seems that she’s finally ready to give her all. The 34-year-old can take pride in her latest work as it’s not only a return to form, but a step forward. Her talent is finally there for all the world to see.