If you thought that superheroes couldn’t be any more awesome, then you should check out the faces of these kids when Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston came to visit them at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Australia.


A few kids got a well-deserved visit from their two favourite superheroes on Tuesday, after Hemsworth and Hiddleston decided to take some time away from filming Thor: Ragnarok and pop up at the hospital dressed in character, hammer and all. The pair spent some time with the children, gave them some words of encouragement and of course, signed some autographs and took a few pictures to conclude what was an unforgettable evening for the children.

The young fans who were in much need of a boost got exactly that, and from their two favourite superheroes.
“‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!’ (i.e. everyone but the weirdo in the black suit). Unforgettable meeting all the children,” Hiddleston captioned a photo of the pair posing with two children, which he posted on his Instagram, before adding, “They’re the real heroes.”

His co-star followed in a similar manner, posting a snapshot captioned, “Met the real superheroes of the world at @ladycilentochildrenshospital. A huge shout out to all the brave kids who are an inspiration to all of us!” Juiced TV, which is a show that airs once a week and it’s presented by the children at the hospital, even interviewed the two actors during their stay. “Do you need a hand? We got your back if you do,” Hemsworth said, while talking to one lucky patient. “We’re right here with you, man,” Hiddleston added.



As soon as the two walked in the room the children’s faces immediately lit up. These kids are huge fans of the franchise and Thor and Loki are one of the most recognizable and likable characters in the films. You could see that by the look on these children’s faces when the two actors talked about their sibling rivalry and the complicated onscreen relationship between the two characters.

There was some unprecedented amount of smiling going on, and it was largely due to Hemsworth and Hiddleston’s visit, who said they were touched by what they had experienced. The children left such an impression on Hemsworth that he decided to return for a second visit the following day and even though he wasn’t really in costume, he made lots of children and families happy.

The hospital wrote on their Instagram page that he “saw a number of children and families that didn’t see him last night. He made young Daniel’s night!” The pair aren’t the first superheroes to drop by for a visit at a children’s hospital, as both Chris Evans and Chris Pratt have brightened the day of some of their youngest fans in the past and Robert Downey Jr. even bonded with a few of his #TeamIronMan members.